24hrs / 7days



Step 1.Basher Wall

Adding 3D to typical pool, it provides the place to relax within the pool, and inside of water curtain has different atmosphere. (5 minute at a time)

Step 2.Dream Bath

Bath that analyzed the lying position, it massages the tension in muscle by using high pressured water stream from JET nozzle on sole, calf, femoral region, waist, shoulder. (5 minute at a time)

Step 3.Bench Jet

In a seating position, it relaxes the muscles by pressuring sole, calf, waist and side of the body. Great for strengthening blood circulation and recovering fatigue. (5 minute at a time)

Step 4.Hydro Jet

When standing, it accelerates metabolism through sectional massage on shoulder, back, waist, femoral region, thigh and calf with high pressured water coming from all angles of the wall. (5 minute at a time)

Step 5.Wave Jet

High pressured water from pool wall massages the upper body and enhances the diet effect. (5 minute at a time)

Step 6.Esthe Jet

Individual can choose the height of the JET nozzles to focus on body parts that needs water pressure to experience the benefit of spa such as acceleration of blood circulation, overall body function and revitalization of subcutaneous tissue. Great for diet and skin care as it consumes high calories, and removes impurities on skin surface. (5 minute at a time)

Step 7.Neck Shower

Water massage using falling water stream, releases the tension of neck, shoulder muscles. (5 minute at a time)

Step 8.Floating

Using the JET stream positioned on the pool floor, it massages foot, and great for whole body stretch. (5 minute at a time)

Step 9.Bubble Jet

While massaging by water pressure, the form from the water creates supersonic waves, which inflicts fine vibration to body cells. Such vibration is great for muscle pain or recovering from fatigue as well as skin care as it eliminates skin impurities through the vibration of supersonic waves. The form from the jet also contains plenty of anion, which relaxes the mind and releases stress. (5 minute at a time)


24hrs / 7days

Using high temperature and air, the sauna induces perspiration. This process increases heart rate, blood circulation, and promotes healthier skin by removing inner body waste and toxins through sweat. For your comfort and release of stress and fatigue, SPA WORLD provides state of the art services including humid / dry sauna, sunflower shower, hot / cold public bath, event bath and bade pool with therapeutic function under water.